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Yahoo not updating

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This leads us to believe that it is a regional issue.Users from some parts of the world, Western North America especially, are having problems.

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Unfortunately, as much as we would like to fix it, there’s not much we can do at this point.If your info matches, checks will appear and you’ll return to the previous screen. Make sure the password is case sensitive where the capital letters are distinguished with small letters.If you have tried this method, check back whether you can get message in inbox or not?I will try to share how to fix unable to receive Yahoo Mail on i OS 8.Perhaps from those methods below can solve the issue you are facing.Mail application in i OS is known with the same issue with Yahoo account a couple years ago and seems this issue is carried over until i OS 8.

This issue is faced a lot by users who have just updated their i OS to i OS 8.

If you are facing unable to receive Yahoo Mail in Mail application on i OS 8 devices, you’re not alone. I didn’t know whether it’s happened since i updated to i OS 8 or it’s just happened, i forgot.

Mail application that i use cannot get new message on inbox for Yahoo Mail account, even though after i changed the network from cellular data to Wi Fi, because i thought it because of network issue.

Whether this issue is caused by Yahoo itself or in Mail application on i OS 8 that we use?

But, what ever it is, maybe we couldn’t guess it for sure.

After Yahoo’s announcement that user account information was stolen from their network in August 2013, we recommend changing your password and security questions if you have a email.