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Who was corey haim dating before he died

who was corey haim dating before he died-84

These ten junior celebrities are proof that yes, you can.From drug and drink addictions to car and relationship wrecks, fame can spoil even the youngest souls.

She didn’t stay sweet’n innocent for long though – due to her raging addiction to beauty ravaging crystal meth.Brad’s path to self-destruction began after his intense portrayal of disturbed youngster, Mark Sway, in The Client.The hold that heroin and methadone had on him lead to his arrest and widespread defamation in 2005, and just this year, his tragic death.The press hounded young Drew as she puffed on her first cigarette aged nine, was boozing aged eleven and getting stoned at twelve.She was hooked on cocaine before she barely hit her teens and had been into teen drug rehab twice before the age of 14.Fortunately, some child stars have overcome their destructiveness, whereas others are fading away, and may more have burnt out completely.

Hayley nearly did see dead people when he flipped his car in July 2006 driving under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana.

After their paring in The Lost Boys, the duo shared success in another couple of films, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream, until Corey fever ran dry.

They went their separate ways to seek their own successes, but the booze and pills followed.

A brief reunion on their A&E Network reality show ended in tears, when Feldman declared he wanted nothing more to do with the still-drug-addled Haim.

Edward, more commonly known as John Connor from Terminator 2 or Danny Vinyard from American History X, blamed celebdom’s easy access to drugs and money for his long-standing addictions.

Not only did she loose several teeth, but she also lost her husband, all thanks to her wild, drug addled behavior.