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Who is jamie spears dating

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Sure, he wants Brit to be happy and in love, but doesn’t think she’s ready.He’s witnessed his daughter go through the roughest part of her life.

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As long as Jamie’s breathing, he’s going to talk to Britney and convince her of what she should do.He treated them all with love, kindness and respect. Was Jamie right to stop Britney from getting engaged? He seemed like The One.” So sad that he wasn’t the one. Despite their rocky history, however, David is a firm believer that she no longer needs people controlling her assets."If anyone knew the real Britney, they would know that she would rather be remembered for being the great mother she is rather than the artist she is," he said."And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatorship over Britney's personal life."And he's not alone.Wallet, still have full control over her finances, physical well-being and her estate.

Thus, after she testified in court on Monday in a case filed against her by a former self-described manager, Sam Lutfi, the In case you forgot, David and Britney began dating in 2013 and called in quits a year and a half later, in August 2015, after rumors of his alleged infidelity (which he adamantly denies).

“Britney and Charlie were a second away from becoming engaged. Charlie was just a great guy,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

“He was great to Britney and her two children [Sean, 9, and Jayden, 7].

singer sat down for a long chat about everything from her Las Vegas show, to getting high accidentally, to going on a date with a "lizard" man! Related: Britney Spears Clarifies Her Stance About Wanting To Collaborate With Justin Timberlake! Tags: britney, britney spears, film flickers, jamie spears, jenna dewan-tatum, justin timberlake, kevin federline, lifetime, lynne spears, nostalgia, tv news , Jamie's conservatorship over Britney was analyzed all the way from J. P.'s daily spending habits have been under a microscope, in addition to Jamie carefully managing her Las Vegas residency deals, his salary hasn't been as publicized.

If that wasn't enough, Britney also dished all about her fashion in music videos and even dropped the F-Bomb while complimenting Rihanna! P.'s annual salary to whether or not Britney will ever have her freedom back. Spears has had control over personal and financial decisions since her 2008 breakdown. According to docs in Spears' recent court case against Sam Lufti, it was revealed that the poppa makes about Tags: britney spears, jamie spears, legal matters . Nonetheless, the pop princess' conservatorship has been incredibly successful for the past 7 ½ years.

Britney Spears, 33, was ready for Charlie Ebersol, 32, to put a ring on it, that is, until Jamie Spears, 62, stepped in and put an end to it.