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Updating blackberry device software

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For the uninitiated, Black Berry offers three different methods of updating your device software; using the Blackberry 10 device, Black Berry Link and a web browser on Windows PC.

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When your Bold 9900 is connected to the Black Berry Desktop software, the upgrade option will be displayed on the screen.Neben der Erstellung von maßgeschneiderter Software profitieren Sie vor allem von unserer fachlichen Kompetenz im Bereich Consulting.Unsere Fachexperten beraten Sie kompetent bei sämtlichen Technologie-Fragen.Make sure that version is selected, then click on “Téléchargez”. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on “Accepter les conditions”, then on “Suivant”. Next, make sure you have the latest version of the Black Berry Desktop Software installed on your computer. Select your preferred language, then click on “Suivant”.Follow these instructions to update your phone's software.

Before updating your phone's software, it's recommended that you back up the phone memory.

Important points Using Black Berry 10 device The first method is checking, installing and updating the Black Berry 10 software using the device, for which users are recommended to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.

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