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Consciousness is connecting the head to the body and to the heart. We work to help clients experience themselves in an embodied way during sex…

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Therapy is often focused around addressing things that are broken or problematic. We are experts in sex therapy, sex coaching, relationships, self-esteem and anxiety.It’s the way you conduct yourself in all your relationships.And it’s the way you listen to those interacting with you and how you help them meet their needs.Even within an individual sex can have different meanings.It is a deeply personal act full of unmeasured individual peculiarities.Tanya and her colleagues make sure to understand the full nature of people’s relationships and use this to inform their relationship and sex therapy interventions.“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and insights. this is all helping so much and I do feel like we WILL get there.

I really appreciate your understanding in our sessions.

They provide a safe and private space in which to explore these issues with an experienced, non-judgmental and knowledgeable therapist.

Tanya and her colleagues teach skills and empower people to bemore authentic with themselves, their bodies and with others“…

We can project parts of ourselves into sex: feelings, longings, trauma, and hidden parts of self.

We construct our own meanings of sex and these are fluid and change as we change.

After speaking with you I was able to talk to my husband about some difficult things.