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Sundstrand dating

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Based on FAA rules issued in 1958 I'd guess these where altitude, airspeed, heading and vertical acceleration. I remember reloading those magazines when doing A checks on BAC1-11s back in 1986. You could possibly go to L3 who may now have the rights to all the Sundstarnd recorders from back then.

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These materials include more than 20,000 books; architectural records, including a collection of renowned Reno architect Frederic J.I have a Sundstrand Flight Data Recorder (FA-542) which I'm going to take about to show engineering students how it works. Any insights or information on how exactly they work?This one is from Delta Airlines and is stamped 1967 ...Some have been digitized and can be seen on the Special Collections Web site.“We have every kind of photographic technique, from tintype albumen from the late 1800s to today’s digitized images,” Sundstrand said.The medium is marked at 1 minute and 15 minute intervals.

Data comes as oscillatory graphs and binary scribes.

This includes Special Collections’ extensive photo collection.

Binders line the shelves of the reading room, filled with photocopies of original photos.

“We also have congressional collections with government documents, environmental impact studies, professional and personal correspondence, photos, maps, architectural drawings, audio and visual, film footage…something from every decade of technological change,” Sundstrand said.

Preservation is a huge part of the work done in Special Collections.

“People’s expectations now are that everything should already be converted, on the Web with easy access, but when you’ve got [congressional] manuscript collections 800 cubic feet in size, it’s difficult to wave your magic wand until they’re done.