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It also has an extremely low level of CO2 emissions per capita from electricity generation, since over 90% of its electricity is nuclear or hydro.

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It is chaired by the President and includes prime minister as well as cabinet secretaries in charge of energy, foreign affairs, economy, industry, foreign trade, research and finance.Early in 2003 France's first national energy debate was announced, in response to a "strong demand from the French people", 70% of whom had identified themselves as being poorly informed on energy questions.A poll had shown that 67% of people thought that environmental protection was the single most important energy policy goal.(However, 58% thought that nuclear power caused climate change while only 46% thought that coal burning did so.) The debate was to prepare the way for defining the energy mix for the next 30 years in the context of sustainable development at a European and at a global level.In 2005 a law established guidelines for energy policy and security.The low cost of French nuclear power generation is indicated by the national energy regulator (CRE) setting the price at which Ed F’s electricity is sold to competing distributors.

In 2014 the rate is €42/MWh, but CRE proposed an increase to €44 in 2015, €46 in 2016 and €48 in 2017 to allow Ed F to recover costs of plant upgrades, which it put at €55 billion to extend all 58 reactor lifetimes by ten years.

In November 2014 the government froze the price at €42 to mid-2015.

This Arenh re-sale price has represented a long-term floor price for Ed F’s power, and is nominally based on the cost of production.

The industrial group Uniden said that the proposed 2015 wholesale price of €44/MWh would be €14 higher than Germany’s.

French retail prices, without major effects from feed-in tariffs for wind and solar, remain very low.

It was noted that natural gas had no economic advantage over nuclear for base-load power, and its prices were very volatile.