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Sam and ronnie dating

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"My proper job is my punditry and doing all my other bits - that's my salary but this is a bit of a bonus now." Hours before the match, O'Sullivan tweeted that God told him to give up the sport, but the five-time world champion later had a positive response for his fans.He said: "I have conversations with God and he said to me, 'Jack snooker in mate, you're better off as a pundit' and I was like, 'Hold on, we will have to have a proper conversation about that'.

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—with residencies both in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.These days, the nice guy is giving back in various ways, such as speaking on a panel for NYC Administration of Child Services, talking Instagram politics with his 1.2 million followers, live-tweeting GOP debates and hanging out with his sweet rescue pup.As for his love life, Vinny dated Melanie Iglesias for a couple of years, ultimately breaking up in 2014, and has not been publicly linked to anyone since.Some we know more about than ever, some a little less... Just this week, however, Sammi emerged front and center in our hearts once we heard that she and Ronnie were back together.She also celebrated her 29th birthday this week with friends and her former cast mates.#Current Mood Swimming with the #Dolphins in #Cabo for my #Birthday #Blessed #Thank You Casa Encanto #Best Vacation Trip Ever #Bday Celebrations #Wayyyy Uppp A photo posted by Ronnie Magro (@realronniemagro) on After his split from Sammi, Ronnie made headlines in 2014 when he revealed a photo of himself showing he had gained a considerable amount of weight, followed by an "after" shot of him losing the weight and getting in just four weeks.

(The time frame remains suspect...)These days, other than frolicking on vacation Ronnie is still focusing on working out and eating, but he is also giving solid dating advice to his 810,000 Instagram followers and updating us on the status of his stolen-and-returned car.

"It's not my last tournament until God puts his foot down, he is the boss and I don't want to take liberties with him." The Essex potter is no fan of the Barbican Centre's four-table set-up but was satisfied with his opening performance.

"I played all right, I wasn't too sure what this guy was like - he looked good at the start but missed a couple of balls," O'Sullivan said.

cast packed away their tanning oils and fist-pumped their way off of MTV.

While a lot has changed since the 2012 series finale—weddings, babies, tax fraud charges—it seems you can take these self-described guidos and guidettes out of Jersey, but you can't ever fully take the Jersey out of And why would you want to?! News confirmed that the most iconic love saga to exist on the Jersey Shore—you know, the one between "Sammi Sweetheart" Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro—had sparked once again, we suddenly grew nostalgic for the cast that once had this country glued to the television every week. News Ron and Sam "are seeing each other again, [but] taking it slower this time around," we couldn't help but wonder what was happening in the lives of their eight former cast mates.

"It's a bit of a weird set-up so I'll try not to get too serious about the tournament unless I can get to the two-table set-up." Sunday night's Northern Ireland Open winner Mark King was docked a frame after forgetting his cue following the interval and arriving back late as he crashed to a 6-2 first-round defeat against Sam Craigie.