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Outlook distribution list update not updating

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A Distribution List doesn’t keep track of phone numbers and mailing addresses, just email addresses. To add such an outsider to your Distribution List, click Add New (instead of Select Members) in Step 4, above.

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The personal distribution lists that you create in your Contacts folder are available only to you, but you can share them by copying and sending them to others. This How To will give you steps on how to create a personal distribution list, how to use it, and how to update it.Since distribution lists do not automatically reflect changes in your address book, you need to manually update your lists if you make changes to a contact's email information. Navigate to the "Contacts" tab in the lower-left corner of the main Outlook window.Make any desired changes to the contact information in your Outlook address book.You can use distribution lists in messages, task requests, meeting requests, and other distribution lists.Distribution lists are stored by default in your Contacts folder.If you have not made any changes, you do not need to update your distribution lists.

Highlight the "Contacts" folder on the left side of the window.

Note: These steps assume that you have addresses stored as a text file, Excel file, tab-separated, or separated by semi-colons ( ; ).

These addresses can be copied and pasted into the Members address box.

Distribution lists are groups of contact data that you can use to easily send mass email messages without needing to type every individual address.

The Microsoft Outlook application has a built-in distribution list feature which allows you to create contact groups and send messages out to them.

You can create a distribution list that includes these contacts.