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Mallorca dating alcudia

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In the early '70s it started to be clear that the future of Alcúdia would be in tourism.

The old town has a 14th-century wall and it is possible to step up on the wall and follow it almost all around the village.This wall has since been torn down and only details show where it once was.During the 16th century pirates attacked the city several times.From Pollentia it was possible to view both the bay of Pollenca and the bay of Alcúdia. The city was also mentioned in Rome since they here produced excellent fabrics that were used in the most exclusive togas.After Rome lost its position as the dominant power in the western Mediterranean, Pollentia was attacked by pirates and several times by the Vandals.In Alcúdia the old town is well preserved with houses dating back to the 13th century. The area where Alcúdia is located has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but it is with the arrival of the Romans that the city makes its entry in the history books.

The Romans used the beaches of Alcúdia bay when they captured the island in 123 B. Shortly after this the capital Palma was founded and then the city of Pollentia.

This really improved the economy of Alcúdia and the village was saved. In the 1920s the first tourists began to visit Mallorca and also Alcúdia.

This was in a very limited scale and the economy of the village stayed weak.

In the '90s the construction boom calmed down and several regulations were put in place to secure the quality of the resort.

The focus is on visitors searching for both relaxation and activity.

In 1229, the Moors were defeated by King James I of Aragon, who overtook the power of the area.