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Is lindsey haun dating someone

I remember hearing an old story about a Hollywood mogul who would flip through his Rolodex each day, randomly extricate a card and call that person.

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Executive produced by Eve Ensler (“The Vagina Monologues”) and Katherine Fisher, the cast includes Jen Richards and Laura Zak.The word “networking” sometimes gets a bad rap – all those connotations of speed dating-style awkwardness, business card collecting and name tags at stuffy functions. Years ago, relationship management revolved around the Rolodex, a revered device that represented the cornerstone of most people’s professional success. ” was the rallying cry of anyone who left their job – whether by choice or not.Instead, let’s call networking what it should be: relationship building. Missing my old-fashioned Rolodex terribly, I was ecstatic to find an emoji Rolodex in the latest i Os: No matter what stage of your career you’re in, the relationships in your Rolodex – virtual or physical – will provide a roadmap to your future success.In this comedy, a charming, terrible older sibling keeps his stoner brother high on drugs so he can win the heart of a lady dope dealer who happens to owe money to a gangster.Cast: Noah Applebaum (VFF12, Route 30, Too, VFF14, Route 30 Three!VFF16’s Centerpiece Screenings include the World Premiere of BADSVILLE, Directed by April Mullen, about a violent greaser gang ripped apart when their leader finds love and is determined to leave BADSVILLE - a town where love doesn't exist.

Cast: Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Heroes) Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and Tamara Duarte (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and ELECTRIC SLIDE, a chronicle of the life of furniture salesman turned bank robber Eddie Dodson, Directed by Tristan Patterson and featuring Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas, 21) Chloë Sevigny (Bloodline, Big Love, American Horror Story) Isabel Lucas (Red Dawn, The World Premiere of DRUGS & OTHER LOVE, Directed by Noah Applebaum, closes out The 2016 Valley Film Festival.

There is no more important career advice at any stage of your professional life than to keep building authentic connections. People I met in my 20s have come back and hired me down the road.

Vendors I met at trade shows have shuffled companies and eventually partnered with me on projects. These days, people don’t stay in one job at one organization forever. It’s important to remember that the people you meet now may reappear in different roles in a few years. The fellow account coordinators you go to happy hour with will also move up the ladder – and become clients or colleagues. Your grad school buddies might invest in your entrepreneurial venture.

), John Weselcouch (The Purge), Angelina Spicer (Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live), Whitney Moore (Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Birdemic 2: The Resurrection) and Teri Fruichantie (Hollywood is Hard).

The Documentary selections launch with an intimate oral history of the trials, tribulations, heartbreak and joy of bringing some of the most iconic and memorable motion pictures to the screen in IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE STORY: CONVERSATIONS WITH ALAN LADD, JR., Directed by Stanley Isaacs, featuring interviews with Alan Ladd, Jr., Jay Kanter, Michael Gruskoff and Mel Brooks.

Whomever you settle on, congratulate them on where they are now or share a funny story or a past memory.