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Is ciara and bow wow dating

Hey Bow Wow, My name is Tiffany I just wanted you to know that I think you are a very good singer and that your very cute for being 18. Well this is all i had to say and i hope this gets to you or you read this sometime soon. And I seen your sneek peek on your 2nd single "Like you" featuring Ciara. Always yours Tiffany I like his song "Let me hold you" featuring Omarion There was one part of a scorpio and I think you meant Ciara.

Well, ijust want to say that bowwow and are sort of a cute couple.ciara may be a little taller than he is, but that doesn't make a difference because they both had a choice of who they wanted to be with and they chose each other. to bowwow, i have always been a fan of your's every since you came into the business. to ciara, i'm really not a fan of yours,no offense, just being truthful.but inspite of that, you have a great personality and that's what i like about you.i think bow wow and ciara are just right for each other.they have been knowing each other for like 4 years. bow wow can date whom ever he wants to date i am still his biggest fan.Thanks for your devout dedication and support it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Girls, get ready for hot sexy bow wow.i want to let bow know how much i love him i think that i will be the one for him but it happen like that the my girl ciara have him but i hope ciara will take good care of my man are i will be sad with her if god put you to togather be to always and to omarion i want you to know whow much i love you and hopful me will be your and ciara will be bow wow and we all can go out toagather hola at you girl shellicia this is my email [email protected] love ya so much take care.

I stumbled upon all of your anxy, hippy hoppy comments and well, GREAT NEWS.

He has accepted terms to e-mail all of you personally and quite possibly arrange free tickets to an upcoming show.

As he has got that looks and charm, girls fall for him just in a matter of seconds and also had dated long list of pretty ladies in his past days.

Any wayz they have been talkin for a long time so they should be very comfortable around each other.

so, much love to ya and holla @ ya gurl from the H-Town. Lil Bow Wow was intrigued on what had to say about some of his songs and thought he might take a look.