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Iphone podcast stuck on updating library

i Cloud Music Library's problems start showing up after installing i Tunes 12.2 on your Mac or Windows PC.

However, other users have reported costly data overages on their i Phones, as new music has eaten up their monthly allowances.I use a test library for Apple Music, on my Mac Book, that links to my i Pad and i Pod touch.(My main library syncs to my i Phone via USB because I don’t trust it to the cloud.) I first spotted this issue a week ago, when I saw that 4 GB of music that I had added to my test i Cloud Music Library had appeared on both my i Pad and my i Pod touch without my choosing to download it.Even worse, when I'd click to listen to certain songs, it would play the wrong song/artist, like the metadata was hijacked.The only fix so far is to restore your i Tunes library from a backup and don't reenable i Cloud Music Library.You didn't need to worry about maintaining subscriptions just to play the music you already own.

Kirk Mc Elhearn offers up a great description saying, With i Tunes Match, when you download a matched or uploaded file, you get either the i Tunes Store matched copy, or the copy that i Tunes uploaded of your original file.

i Cloud Music Library was introduced with this week's i Tunes 12.2 and Apple Music release, and it's turning out to be a big bag of hurt. Apple's forums are full of comments from users saying their album art, song names, and album titles get jumbled.

Instead of giving us a unified music library across all our devices, it's scrambling albums and tracks, and even adds DRM to songs you already own which will lock you out of albums you ripped from CD if you ever drop your Apple Music subscription. The Who's Quadrophenia album art, for example, could be replaced with Billy Holliday's Lady Sings the Blues.

Update: And now I have a follow up to my disaster assessment.

Apple Music, i Cloud Music Library, and i Tunes have plenty of problems already, but this latest bug is proving costly.

It asked to turn on i Cloud Music Library and I accepted.