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Williams said he helped transport an inmate to the hospital in February following a sexual assault.The sheriff’s report shows eight inmates were able to escape locked cells and pry open the victim’s cell.

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If they are willing to commit insurance fraud, how can you be sure they repaired your car to the manufacturer’s specification or safety? A former nurse, who asked KCTV5 to protect her identity, said she was sexually assaulted by an inmate and another time she was punched.She quit her job concerned about cell doors and safety.“Locks are not in good order and doors are easily jammed open,” the nurse said.Due to security Dan Vasques is the former warden of San Quentin Prison.He currently works as an expert witness in jail and prison litigation.For example, a plumbing issue may be solved in the short-term with a plunger, but may require more costly and time-consuming repair to prevent the re-occurrence of the problem.

The documents provided are a testament to the County’s commitment to making such repairs.

The fast-scrolling comments on the video consist mostly of observations as to the vehicles passing through the intersection: bus, coach, truck and so on.

Perhaps it’s the first American example of “Slow TV”?

Employees speak out Sam Williams is a former correctional officer who worked at the Jackson County Detention Center for more than six years.

He says locks didn’t always latch and prisoners escaped their cells on a daily basis“Go down there to conduct a check, you'll see four or five inmates easily get out of their cells,” Williams said.

The victim said he was stripped, beaten, held down and sexually assaulted.“He was in shock pretty much with what happened to him,” Williams said.