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Entourage exchange calendar not updating

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Using a cloud account is better because you don’t have to connect to your computer, or even be on the same network, to sync your information.As long as your i Phone is connected to the Internet, it can sync.

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If you want to save your existing contacts and calendar entries, you should use i Tunes’ desktop synchronization feature to save them to a compatible application. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to set it up with your corporate Exchange server.The good news is that Apple has been working on Microsoft Exchange integration for years, and the i Phone OS used in the i Pad sports fairly complete Exchange Active Sync support.To sync with i Tunes, you need to first configure the information you want to sync, which isn’t a big deal.Once the sync is configured, you can sync your i Phone via Wi-Fi or by connecting it to your computer.You can sync your information with i Tunes, much like you do for music, video, and so on.

Or, you can use a “cloud” based account, such as i Cloud or Exchange.

You can use both of these techniques simultaneously; for example, you may choose not to store some information on the cloud and so can only sync it via i Tunes.

In Chapter 3, “Moving Audio, Video, Books, and Photos onto Your i Phone,” you learned how to move audio, video, and other types of content from your i Tunes Library onto your i Phone.

If you only use i Cloud, Exchange, Google, or similar services for email, calendars, contacts, and so on, you don’t need to sync information with i Tunes.

You can skip to the section, “Syncing Information with i Cloud.” If you have other kinds of email accounts, calendar information, or contacts stored on your computer that you want to sync on your i Phone, you can use i Tunes to sync that information on your i Phone.

All these tasks are easier and better when you sync information among all the devices you use, such as your i Phone, a computer, an i Pad, and so on.