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Dating supervisor

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Supervisor comes with an awesome console tool called supervisorctl.

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Took on field engineer role, ensuring alignment between engineering department and field construction.Sample resumes in this field indicate that the educational requirements for this position include a diploma in a mechanically-related field or a high school diploma with completed, related trade courses.Directed 50 member crew of craftsmen and frontline supervisors.Parse configuration from any sources (even remote ones thanks to Flysystem), build new configurations, and write them to any destinations.Properties are always validated to make sure Supervisor will run fine.Don't tell them to lie if asked directly about their relationship, but make it clear that you expect them to act professionally.

If there's little chance that the relationship will be disruptive, and you are confident they have a healthy, balanced relationship, there's no reason you shouldn't offer them your blessing, and wish them well, especially if you learn they've been conducting their relationship discreetly for some time.

Advise both parties that you expect them to exercise discretion.

Tell them you're worried about how their relationship will affect other team members, and you feel that flaunting it would be inadvisable.

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While some of these affairs may blossom into beautiful relationships, they can also create headaches for those who manage the couples.