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Dating software v7 2 nulled v7

dating software v7 2 nulled v7-61

* All custom fields may be used in ad-lists (E_1, E_2..). * Easy renew function * Advanced search, different search-page for different categories (template fields) * Review seller * View old users that have not logged in latly (admin area) * Translated to 11 languages * Banner program that can be different for each category * Payment gateway integration with World Pay, Pay Pal, and Click Bank * Favourites list (bookmark function for members) * Advanced search * Chooseable number of ads per page (can be set for each individual page, like search, latest view etc) * Listing with thumbnails OR V/X symbol OR Yes/No.* Previous/Next link on individual ads (detailed) for easy browsing * Custom date-format from admin area * Special ad listing (appears on frontpage) * Vendor image on all ads (when activated and assigned) * All sql tables can have custom names * Layout images in its own dir * Large image in nice html vindow * Graphic images as buttons while still using language files * Huge layout change * User selectable language on enter * Credit package * List images in category view (option) * Membership for users in months * Detail screen on users in admin area (click their name) * How many times a user have logged in * Improved installer * Mailbugs fixed * Multiple images on each ad * Picture next to ad in list-view * Banned-list for @domain and [email protected]* Bad word cencors * Notify user before expire ad * User emailvalidation * XHML validated most pages * Improved member area, delete images etc.

dating software v7 2 nulled v7-85

Create DVD and Blu-ray Discs with professional authoring functions in VEGAS DVD Architect.Photo Cart is the online sales solution for all types of working photographers that completely runs on YOUR website with no monthly fees or commissions. Features: There are so many features in Photo Cart it will be impossible to list them all here, so lets just hit some highlights. The PHP Classifieds has many features, but you can also do a lot on the program yourselves, especially if you know the PHP scripting language. * User friendly installer * Set up searchable fields from admin area Payment solutions * * * Paypal * Worldpay * Clickbank General Features * Runs on systems with PHP register_globals turned off for greater security.Below is some of our default features added for each version. * Your own boxes and options in extra fields, all through admin interface. * Ad and Ad validation manager * User and User validation manager * Image-compression and generation by either: -GD -Imag Magick -Non compressed * Payment manager: deside what payment gateways to be allowed, and prices etc. * Admin inform on new members, new ads and updated. * Yahoo-style categories, with selectable number of subs and order of apearance.PHP Classifieds is one of the most customizable Classified ad program that exist for PHP and My Sql.

Templatefields (Searchable, of course), Unlimited Images (Imagmagick, GD or normal), unlimited categories and much much more makes it perfect for those who wants to set up a used stamps classifieds to those wanting to show and sell real estates. * Banner program that can show different spesific banners for each category * Backup tool * Ban/deactivate users * Update/edit userads/users from admin * Chmod setting for images * Choseable type of layout (num of columns OR rows) * Validation/moderation of ads * Banned emailaddresses * Require login in each of the pages: Contact user, Rate Ad, Rate Member, Picture gallery and detailed view.

Photo Cart is the online sales solution for all types of working photographers including event, wedding, sports, portrait and more. One time purchase price of $329 with no monthly fees or commissions.

Tons of features such as unlimited product creation, 3 types of packages / collection systems, private & public galleries, offer incentives & discounts, watermarking, customer favorites, customize to match your website and much more.

* Different html template for each type of list (most viewed, search etc). * Ads from this seller include vendor-logo and vendor-homepage (if is vendor).

* All listings may be sorte by clicking headline (even search). * Banner program improved, showing ads in selected cats. * Require login in each of the pages: Contact user, Rate Ad, Rate Member, Picture gallery and detailed view.

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