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Dating of ot books

Now, lets say my brother wrote me a letter saying that his fall and the following few weeks were the worst thing he'd ever gone through.Someone reading that undated letter 100 years later, knowing that my brother had taken a bad fall and had his leg amputated, would naturally assume that the fall he was referring to was the one that led to the amputation.

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The name was common in the canonical period with about a dozen individuals having that name (1 Kings 18:3-16; l Chron. 17:7; .) We know nothing about him other than his name. (A literary relationship does not prove a chronological relationship; Jeremiah could have borrowed from Obadiah.) The reference in verse 19 to possessing Ephraim and Samaria suits a late date better than an early date when Israel was in existence. It can refer to individuals who were deported.) The only attack on Jerusalem In which ft is recorded that Edom participated is that of 586 B. (The word “exiles” does not prove or disprove either theory.) In 586 B. the Jews were deported to Babylon, but Obadiah 20 speaks of a deportation to Zerephath and Sepharad (Sardis).(This is an argument from silence.) There is a noticable absence of Aramaisnis which would be more appropriate from literature written in the ninth century B. (prior to Assyrian and Babylonian influence) rather than in the sixth century B. (This is an argument from silence, plus: [1] dating on the basis of Aramaisms is not always exact, and [2] the books length does not allow one to argue on the basis of literary style.) The position of the book in the Old Testament canon argues for an early date.(If position in the canon argues for chronology, why not place Obadiah before Hosea, Joel, and Amos?So the Edomites were very secure in their stronghold. The Nabateans were caravan drivers whom the Edomites trusted and traded with. They were allowed into the city, but they turned against the Edomites and conquered them.More thorough than a robber at night (5a) A robber only takes the valuables. More thorough than a grape gatherer during the day (5b) When you do harvesting by hand, there are always a few berries or grapes left. God would destroy the wise men and the mighty men in Edom.He describes it as the worst thing that ever happened to him.

If 10 years from now, he does the something similar and this time, they have to amputate his leg because the bone is shattered, that would definitely be worse.

Obadiah is writing to show that God is going to judge Edom for what she has done. They thought they were secure in their stronghold, but God says they will be brought down. God says he will make them small in 2a and He will bring them down in 4b.

The purpose of the book is to announce the destruction of Edom because of her pride and sin against Judah. This is contrasted with what is in between these statements in vs 3.

) The words “as the Lord has said” in Joel strongly suggest that Joel was quoting from Obadiah. (This argument seems valid, but it ultimately depends on when one dates the Book of Joel.) It is very difficult to be certain about the date for this book, but primary arguments for a late date seem to center around the idea that the evil perpetrated against Israel by Edom was so bad that only the destruction by Babylon in 586 could fit the description adequately.

However, just because a later destruction was worse, doesn't mean that earlier conflicts, destruction, etc. If Obadiah is writing after a bad incident in Israel's history, and describes it as being really bad, that doesn't mean a later (and even worse) event is in view because it hadn't happened yet.

The prophet also wants to comfort Judah by announcing Edom's destruction and Judah's restoration and deliverance in the Day of the Lord. God was going to be the source of their destruction. To work your way into the more lush areas of Edom, you have to enter through narrow rocky terrain at an area called Petra.