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Dating chinese coin

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Today, the most collectible Chinese coins are contemporary issues, whose values are closely tied to their platinum, gold, or silver content.

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Zhang called the police after the discovery and the coins were taken away by heritage inspectors.A farmer in western China has dug up nearly half a tonne of ancient coins that date back to the time of Jesus.The farmer, surnamed Zhang, discovered the coins,which weighed 459kg, on Saturday while he was preparing the foundations for his village house near Xingping, Shaanxi province, Shaanxi Radio and Television reported.An official said further identification would be needed and that the coins would later be kept by state-run museums.Almost a year ago, a farmer in Haikou, Hainan province, found 60kg of coins 1,000 years old buried on his farm.He attempted major reforms of China's economy including the abolition of slavery, introduction of an income tax, redistribution of the land from the land owners to the peasants, instituted price controls, confiscation of gold, demonetized existing coins and instituted new ones based on an unbacked fiat coinage.

Though these reforms sound like things that modern governments do, they were revolutionary for the time, too revolutionary in fact.

Wang Mang was appointed regent for the young Chinese Emperor in 7AD.

Two years later he killed the boy and usurped the throne.

A local heritage inspection team dated the coins to the reign of Wang Mang, a Han dynasty official who briefly usurped power from the Han dynasty from 8AD - 23AD.

The hoard of coins was buried in a hole about 50cm deep and 60cm wide, Zhang said.

But archaeologists said they were not valuable as a large amount of similar coins had also been discovered across the province over the years.