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Dating bogota

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Bogota, Colombia is nestled high in the Andes at 2,620 meters or 8,646 feet.It's a city of contrasts: high-rise buildings standing next to colonial churches, universities, theaters and shantytowns.

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A cells are visible from a single observation point.Bogota is also a mixture of influences – Spanish, English and Indian.It's a city of great wealth, material well-being – and abject poverty. You'll find futuristic architecture, graffiti and congestion here, as well as restaurants, bookstores and street vendors peddling emeralds.The main industries were breweries, woolen textiles and candle making.saw themselves as intellectually superior to their countrymen.The highlight of any visit to the Gold Museum is the strong room where small groups of visitors can enter a darkened room and audibly gasp when the lights reveal the 12,000 pieces held here.

The Museo Nacional de Colombia has a broader range of display of archaeological ethnic and historical importance.

The mountains provide a backdrop to the east of the city.

The most famous peak is the Cerro de Montserrat at 3,030 meters or 10,000 feet.

The museum also showcases emerald- and diamond-studded crosses from the colonial period.

Other museums of interest include: Other museums of note include the Museo Arqueológico Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares Museo del Siglo XIX Museo de Numismática and the Museo de los Niños.

It's also the hub of Colombia's main stock market.