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Ehrman has made a career out of trying to state that since the Bible is so full of copying errors, we cannot trust Scripture as anything more than a collection of well intentioned yet unreliable moral stories.

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Instead of taking the approach of engaging a lengthy array of apologetics related topics, the authors instead focus on six core issues upon which skeptics often focus their venomous attacks: 1) Does God exist and does He care about humanity; 2) How did we get our Bible; 3) Is the Bible filled with errors; 4) Can I trust the Bible given it is a copy of a copy; 5) Who decided the various matters of the faith; and 6) Is the resurrection of Jesus a factual historical event?Recognizing the influence of Ehrman on the minds of college youth, Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw have written an excellent book called Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World that provides salient responses to the attacks on Scripture posited by Ehrman and his followers.Perhaps the best part of this book is the manner in which the authors chose to write meaning the material is very accessible and targeted directly to their audience, namely college aged youth.A skeptic who has developed quite the following in recent years is Bart Ehrman.Despite being the product of a Christian rooted advanced education, Ehrman has made it his goal to demonstrate the failure of Christianity and the Bible in general in meeting even the most basic logical points of persuasion.Or anyone who needs a little assurance every now and again that they can have confidence that their faith in Christ is founded on solid, historical evidence.

There are many skeptics today who have garnered a voice, a soapbox if you will against the truth presented in the pages of Scripture.

Of interest was the fact that the very day I finished the book I heard an interview with Dr.

Ehrman on PBS, and discovered he was, in fact, a very well spoken and convincing authority on his subject.

They stand toe to toe with Bart Ehrman, "one of the leading voices attacking the reliability of the Christian faith" and in my mind, Kostenberger, Bock, and Chatraw come out on top.

The book gave me valuable tools to understand why I believe what I believe, and to know that my faith isn't blind, but based on well supported arguments.

This is a level of circulation those other gospels never attained.” Thus, the accusation given by Ehrman that it was strong armed tactics along with a number of books being included that are replete with forgeries written by “illiterate peasants” is proven to be at best false and completely based on false pretenses.