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He was attending a kinky-play party; he tastes like rum and is a little bit drunk. 1 and my world has been turned upside down ever p.m. Bored to tears listening to everyone talk about their kids, schools, birthday parties, etc. We have great conversations, from the silly to the sublime. He does 90 percent of the talking while we have sex. 1 prevent me from truly being open to finding a long-term relationship, but I believe when the time comes I will walk away from Dom No. My theory is to get it while you can, because no one is going to be banging down your door when you areexposed. After five, my skin is on fire but I can tolerate it; I’ve had much worse before. We usually have morning sex but that’s not an option with his schedule today. My brain is all over the place, and thirty minutes later I finally have an orgasm that leaves me breathless, heart racing …evening. I ask him if he wants to come over and take a mid-afternoon nap with me. I like that he sleeps as much, if not more, than I do. I take a photo of my butt and lament there are no bruises. I go down on him until he comes, and he spanks me while I do.He pulls my camisole down and begins fondling and sucking on my breasts. Nothing productive happening today, so I head over to Soho and spend too much money on new bras at La p.m. I wonder how happy these people in the suburbs really are. The problem is, I am always in this heightened state around him so that everything the next day is a blur. We both fall onto the bed in recovery mode before he props himself up on an elbow. 1 and the Producer for someone who is more available and looking for the same things. Get in an online debate over this whole Rush Limbaugh “slut” quote. He touches me briefly, then says he’s giving me another five. He gets on top of me and tells me how I am his perfect possession, and he will let other men have sex with me so he can watch. We chat for a while, and soon he has me bent over the sofa as he continues to spank me.

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These clients are packed with features that enable you to have full use of all the benefits of our adult chat network. Game is reset on the first day of each month, one winner per month. #Dommes Dungeon - [Bondage Chat, D/s Chat Room]Dungeon for Doms, Dommes and all that are willing to enter and be subservient to them (scening permitted and encouraged, no private messages without permission granted in channel first.) War scripts, virus distribution, hacking attempts on the servers/network or it's users and like behavior are strictly prohibited on this network. We're made up of a group dominant women, mistresses and princesses that love using submissive men, sissies and cash pigs.You'll find articles covering all sorts of kinky fetishes and fantasies as well as being constantly up to date on the newest webcam femdoms on the scene.(See below for a small list of available clients.) Gathering and Learning Place, Tuchuk Camp for those of Gor -- Respect and honor a must ... Persons detected violating this policy will be immediately k-lined (banned from the server.), as defined below, is not tolerated on this network: Repeated unwanted communication to a user beyond that user's reasonably expected ability to deal with the situation (e.g. The use of network resources to publicly (viewable from outside a channel; e.g.please conduct yourselves accordingly, request FIRST for all private messages in channel, slaves need not beg entrance. in a /topic) antagonize, defame, or demean any person.[Note: Channels structured to facilitate harassment as detailed above are subject to closure.] The network is equipped with Chan Serv and Nick Serv, which enables users to retain their chat rooms and nicknames, via secure password identification. This is a secure form of network mail service, it is not run by an individual party, it is run by network services.

If you have questions on how to use these services, please see an IRCop. Please direct any questions about this service to an IRCOP.

Worship a sex goddess in the privacy of your private room.

An IRC network with free chat rooms / chatrooms for all adults. This is an "Adults Only" network, users must be of legal age in their geographical area to use our network (though difficult to prove, age is usually evident by behavior.)We offer free web space associated with active registered chat rooms / channels on the network. Webchat java interface for our chat rooms is available by clicking on the chat button next to one of the adult chat rooms listed below.

“Wake up please, I want to sleep next to you, will you let me in? There was an instant attraction when I met him and I had no idea how hot and brightly this would burn. Inside, he unzips my boots, has me kneel in front of him and tells me to undress him.

” I have been asleep for a couple of hours, but I do love sleeping next to him so I say yes. I went on two summers ago looking for a casual play partner to help me get over an ex. I’m ultimately looking for a serious relationship, and I have given up on vanilla sites like Match and Ok C because I realize I need a D/S element to any real relationship I have. to pack for a business trip, so I relent and we taxi up to his place (this also means I’ll be the one doing the walk of shame/awesome). As I do, I tell him I’d like him to do something for me … He’ll get the hint, I wasn’t profoundly affected by it the way the Producer was.

I really did not have this in mind when I agreed he could come over to sleep, but it quickly feels good and I am into it. He’s half awake and begins to fondle my breasts again. He slides one hand between my legs and touches me until I come. He chastises me for keeping it in such messy condition.