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Amy smart dating history

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She ended the relationship and broke Bundy's heart and his obsession toward her haunted him for years.Bundy suffered extreme depression over the break up and dropped out of school.

Later that day two other women were seen going off with him and were never seen alive again.This affliction followed him to college and although Bundy had friends he never blended comfortably into doing much of the social activities others were doing. He tried to gain her approval with a summer scholarship to Stamford that he won although his time there was less than impressive.By 1968 she decided Bundy lacked any real future and was not husband material.Ted Bundy was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics.He was also one of the most prolific serial killers in U. history who confessed to the brutal murders of 36 women, although it is believed that he killed many more.In his sophomore year Bundy transferred to the University of Washington to escape the uncomfortable feeling of his financial inadequacy. They both shared a skill and passion for skiing and spent many weekends on the ski slopes.

Throughout his years at high school Bundy suffered from acute shyness that resulted in his appearing socially awkward. Ted fell in love with his new girlfriend and tried hard to impress her to the point of grossly exaggerating his own accomplishments.

Bundy's political future seemed secure, when in 1973 he became assistant to Ross Davis, chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. He had a girlfriend, his old girlfriend was once again in love with him, and his footing in the political arena was strong.

In 1974 young women began vanishing from college campuses around Washington and Oregon.

He screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair became imminent, then he tried to use his victims one more time - to keep himself alive.

His plan failed and the world got a glimpse of the depth of the evilness that ruled him.

Lynda Ann Healy, a 21-year-old radio announcer, was among those who were missing.